Interpreting Candidate Test Results

Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT)

The PECT program uses scaled scores to summarize and report candidate performance. Scaled scores are used for consistency in reporting scores for the different tests in the program, each of which comprises two or more modules. Different test modules may contain different numbers and types of test questions, and each module has an individually determined performance criterion. For each test module in the program, both raw scores (i.e., the number of items an examinee has answered correctly) and the cutscore (i.e., the approved performance criterion), are converted to a score on a common scale, in order to report test results consistently across test modules. A score scale of 100–300 is used for each test module in the PECT program, with a scaled score of 220 representing the approved performance criterion for each module of the Special Education tests.

On May 29, 2014, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) announced that it had re-established the cutscores for the PreK–4 test. At the request of the PDE, in order to update the Passed/Not Passed status as quickly as possible for candidates who had already taken the test, Pearson has calculated the scaled score on the original scoring scale that corresponds to the new cutscores. The new scaled passing scores for the PreK–4 test are as follows:

  • PreK–4 Module 1: 197
  • PreK–4 Module 2: 193
  • PreK–4 Module 3: 193

On June 6, 2016, the PDE announced that the qualifying score for Module 2 of the Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA) had been re-established to a scaled score of 193, to be applied retroactively since the inception of the PECT program in April 2012. The new scaled passing scores for the PAPA are as follows:

  • PAPA Module 1: 220
  • PAPA Module 2: 193
  • PAPA Module 3: 220

Scoring the PAPA extended constructed-response assignment. Information about the scoring of constructed responses for the PAPA, including performance characteristics and the score scale, is available in the sample constructed-response assignment section of the PAPA preparation materials.

National Evaluation Series™ Dance Test

For the National Evaluation Series Dance test, examinee performance is evaluated against an established standard. The minimum passing score is determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and is based, in part, on the professional judgments and recommendations of Pennsylvania educators.

The total test score is based on the number of raw score points earned on the number of selected-response questions answered correctly. Raw scores are converted to a scale of 100 to 300, with a scaled score of 220 representing the approved performance criterion for the test.

Reporting for Institutions

All PECT tests that contain selected-response (multiple-choice) items only are scored on a weekly basis. PAPA Module 3: Writing is scored on a biweekly basis to allow time for the scoring of constructed-response assignments. Following each score reporting period, examinee test results data are posted to the PECT Institution Score Reporting System. The information reported, via this secure, Web-based system, is expressly for use by approved Pennsylvania teacher education programs. The data provide information on those examinees who, during the registration process, indicated that the institution or organization should receive their test results.

Authorized users of the score-reporting system may view, analyze, reorganize, download, and print reports based on test results data and on background information gathered during test registration, and therefore have the ability to generate custom reports for themselves. The system allows users to access candidate, test, and program data, giving them the capability to:

  • Create relevant and timely reports on candidate and institution test results
  • Customize data queries to align with institution goals and areas of interest
  • Aggregate performance data across testing program years
  • Export data to Microsoft® Excel or other report software and print graphics
  • Analyze candidate and institution data for numerous variables (including self-reported data such as gender and ethnicity)

Test Results Information for Candidates

PECT Tests

With each score report, candidates are sent an explanation of how to read and interpret their scores. This information can also be viewed here:

National Evaluation Series Dance Test

For the National Evaluation Series Dance test, you will receive two score reports: a National Evaluation Series score report with diagnostic information and a Pennsylvania score report that indicates whether you have met the Pennsylvania standard for the test.

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