Helping Candidates Prepare

The following resources provide information and worksheets to help faculty assess candidates' readiness to test and to assist in guiding their test preparation.


Test Preparation Materials

Customized test preparation materials are available, free of charge, for each test in the PECT program. These materials include

  • sample test questions,
  • a list of study resources,
  • a full-length practice test.

Customized online, interactive, fee-based practice tests are also available for each test in the PECT program. Candidates may purchase practice tests for themselves directly on this website. Additionally, institutions may purchase practice test vouchers for their candidates by submitting a Practice Test Voucher Order Form PDF Document..

Select a test from the list below to view available study materials.

Videos and Tutorials

These videos and tutorials can help candidates familiarize themselves with the test center and the computer-based testing format before the day of the test.

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