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PAPA Composite Score Option

Effective September 1, 2012, the Pennsylvania Department of Education implemented the "Composite Score Option" for the Pre-service Academic Performance Assessments (PAPA). This option enables a candidate who may excel in one area such as mathematics, but who is not strong in another PAPA area, to receive a passing score on the PAPA series. Candidates who took a PAPA test on or after September 1, 2012, may be able to pass the PAPA series using this option.

On June 6, 2016, the Pennsylvania Department of Education announced that the qualifying score for PAPA Module 2: Mathematics had been re-established to a scaled score of 193, to be applied retroactively since the inception of the PECT program in April 2012. The Minimum Composite Scores have been revised accordingly.

The Minimum Scores required for the Composite Score Option are shown below.

Test Name Test # PAPA Qualifying Score Minimum Composite Score
PAPA Reading 001 220 193
PAPA Mathematics 002 193 176
PAPA Writing 003 220 192

Minimum Composite Score Total: 633

If the sum of your Reading, Mathematics, and Writing scores total 633 or higher, and all scores meet or exceed the minimum composite score, you meet the basic skill testing requirements.

Candidates can also pass the PAPA series by the standard method of achieving the PAPA Qualifying Scores or higher on all three PAPA tests.

Composite basic skills scores are now available for basic skills tests, including the PAPA. Please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Certification Testing website link opens in a new window for more information about the basic skills Composite Score Calculator.