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Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests

What Tests Do I Need to Take?

Beginning in April 2012, the PECT Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA) will be the means of assessing reading, mathematics, and writing skills for undergraduate candidates seeking a state-approved Pennsylvania educator preparation certificate. All undergraduate candidates for initial certification will be required to pass the PAPA as well as the test corresponding to the specific certification area. Post-baccalaureate candidates for initial teacher certification are not required to take the PAPA. However, post-baccalaureate candidates for Educational Specialist certification (i.e., School Counselor, Instructional Technology Specialist, School Nurse, School Psychologist) must take the PAPA unless they possess an instructional certificate or a state license to practice their services. Post-baccalaureate candidates must take the specific certification area test(s). If you are already certified and adding another certificate, you only have to take the test(s) corresponding to the new certification area.

Tests Required for Undergraduate Candidates for Initial Certification

Tests Required for Specific Certification Areas