PECT Study Guide

Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA)
Test Design and Test Objectives

The test design below describes general testing information. The set of test objectives that follows is a detailed outline that explains the knowledge and skills that this test measures.

Test Design

Format Computer-based test (CBT)
Three modules: Reading, Mathematics, and Writing
Number of Questions
  • Reading: 36 selected-response items
  • Mathematics: 36 selected-response items
  • Writing: 36 selected-response items, 2 sentence correction assignments, and 1 constructed-response assignment
  • Reading: 45 minutes
  • Mathematics: 75 minutes
  • Writing: 75 minutes
Examinees will also have 15 minutes for a computer-based testing tutorial.

Examinees who take all three modules during a single test session will also have a 15-minute break between each module.

Reference Materials Provided
for this Test

Test Objectives

Module 1


Module 2


Module 3